Security X-ray Machine Development trend


Due to the improvement of people's safety concept, various security inspection technologies are developing rapidly. Next, I will mainly analyze the future development prospects of security X-ray machines for everyone. In my opinion, there are three aspects:

First, the speed of X-ray security scanning processing software continues to increase. The inspection software of the security inspection machine has a variety of development trends according to different caliber specifications. For example, small X-ray security screening opportunities are getting smaller and smaller to accommodate postal mailbox usage requirements; large X-ray security inspection machines may be larger, or ADC scanning speeds are faster, or more intelligent, or X-ray source life. Longer... This trend has laid the foundation for the expanded application of security X-ray machines.

Second, the depth is integrated into various application systems. The high-end X-ray security inspection machine is not a toy. It must undertake certain high-standard security inspection missions; it will not be alone, and will certainly be more and more integrated into various security application systems. The higher the degree of integration with the application system, the greater the role of the X-ray security inspection machine. For example, in the future, X-ray security inspection machines must perform tasks together with unmanned security inspection machines, each taking on their own tasks, and collaborating with each other to learn from each other. This depends on the continuous resilience of the X-ray security inspection machine's security object, as well as the intelligence of the system, information transmission, and artificial intelligence.

Third, X-ray security screening opportunities are becoming more and more "smart". At present, due to the limitations of technological development, most X-ray security inspection machines rely on the human eye to judge dangerous goods and then manually check them. The ability to handle unexpected situations caused by missed inspections is insufficient, and the higher-level security requirements such as the perception of surrounding situation and the synergy of multiple X-ray security inspection machines are also highly flawed. At present, major domestic manufacturers are working harder for X-ray security inspection machines. For example, the new research and development team has demonstrated the collaborative work of dozens of X-ray security inspection machines, and artificial intelligence technology is also introducing the image processing control field of X-ray security inspection machines. I believe that the intelligence of the X-ray security inspection machine will increase rapidly.

Promote development through use and promote application in development. This promotes development in the domestic x-ray security inspection industry and promotes application in development. This has formed a virtuous circle in the domestic x-ray security inspection industry. Based on this, the intelligent security check channel of the new concept. The security inspection channel has four basic elements, including: the ability to improve security detection; the tray has an automatic return mode, saving labor costs; achieving remote image interpretation; and raising higher requirements for management.


It is precisely because of the existence of security X-ray machines and various security inspection equipment that people's public safety has been greatly guaranteed.