A Shoe Factory in Jinjiang City, Fujian Province

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A shoe factory in Jinjiang City, Fujian Province recently wanted to purchase security inspection machines, and searched for security inspection machines on the Internet. After layer-by-layer comparison of product functions, manufacturer strength, after-sales guarantee, and affordable prices, the company finally chose to purchase security inspection machine manufacturers. .

Security inspection machine plays an important role in food and beverage shoes factory

While the footwear industry has consistently advocated environmentally friendly, low-carbon, safe and comfortable products, many companies have been boosted by market demand and customer brands. High-efficiency shoe machine equipment such as intelligent and automated has been introduced into production. With the continuous improvement of the level of shoes, the requirements for the quality of shoes are also getting higher and higher. The production of shoes adopts the production mode of assembly line operation, and the process of order production process for mass production is the core of quality assurance. Production and processing enterprises rely on high-tech automation equipment to improve product quality in many complex process line systems.



Saving time reduces labor costs. The detection of broken nails in the finished shoes of footwear products is also a trend toward quality assurance. Nowadays, more and more shoe companies require finished shoe warehouse management to perform nail inspection and inspection on the shoes and shoes, instead of the traditional hand touch detection. Technology is the quality of innovation and quality to enhance the brand.

With the development of efficient and efficient assembly lines, the shoe x-ray machine can not only detect nails on finished shoes. The introduction of an online pipeline inspection system to meet the manufacturing process of the manufacturing enterprise. The X-ray machine foreign body detection system is processed according to the production process to ensure smooth production line avoidance.



The shoe factory special inspection X-ray machine detects the shoes. The reason why the images of broken objects such as broken needles can be displayed in high definition is because in the field of image recognition, the effective recognition feature extraction is to ensure the recognition speed and recognition accuracy of the visual system. key. The shoe inspection needle X-ray machine directly uses the pixel value of the image as the identified sample feature, and based on various image matching recognition algorithms of the template, takes the gray value of the pixel as the classified sample data. Even a small product target image, if the pixel value is directly used as the sample vector, will directly lead to the time of recognition by the X-ray system. Not applicable to needle recognition for complex shoe structures, can be used to extract image features to check for minimum structural dimensions.

After confirming the target image reference point of the shoe inspection needle X-ray machine, the image of the effective area is properly mathematically described to obtain a set of small and precise features as descriptors of the image, and the X-ray machine can realize the detection. The matching between the shoes and the sample image completes the needle-checking task. The extraction of the features of the detected objects is one of the most important and basic problems in the field of pattern recognition and image analysis.