A City Court in Guangdong Buys a Positive

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The XR-5030 X-ray security inspection machine of Dongguan Mozheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a widely used and powerful security inspection equipment. It can be used in express delivery and logistics industries; it can also be a reliable guard for people's courts and people's procuratorates. Based on the excellent X-ray detector and intelligent image analysis technology, it can effectively detect tiny foreign objects, and large-scale dangerous goods are invisible. The people’s cause is done by the people, with better equipment, and the overall goal of governing the country according to law is further.


Through the X-ray safety inspection system, it is possible to clearly check and check whether the small items such as parcels, mail, small bags, suitcases, handbags, bags, small backpacks, satchels, plastic bags, woven bags, etc. contain control and flammability. Inspection of prohibited items such as explosives, flammable liquids, and lighters to prevent prohibited dangerous goods from entering specific areas, to prevent potential safety hazards, and to ensure personal safety.


XR-5030 X-ray security inspection machine features

(1) Global leading parameters: In the inspection report issued by the Ministry of Public Security, each parameter is ahead of other products. See the inspection report for details.

(2) International famous brand accessories: American SPELLMAN ray source, Japan, HAMMATSU, German INTERROLL roller.

(3) One-button shutdown control: When the power is turned off, only the key is rotated, and the device automatically shuts down safely to reduce equipment failure.

(4) Environmental protection design: Lead curtain plus protective film to prevent customers from touching lead and avoid lead pollution.

(5) Dynamic picture switching: The picture can be switched when it is still, and can be switched freely when it is dynamic.

XR-5030 X-ray security inspection machine is suitable for the place

The products are applicable to: express delivery companies, public security and judicial, procuratorates, courts, prisons, bureaus, government offices, reception centers for civil affairs letters and visits, detention centers, drug rehabilitation centers, rescue stations, shelters, stadiums, competition venues, schools, tourist attractions, Parks, libraries, exhibition halls, hospitals, post offices, high-end hotels, large enterprise group office centers, scientific research bases, business centers and other places with high public safety requirements.