Buying a Shoe Factory in a City in Hubei

date:2019-03-01 click:212

The development and progress of any industry is always inseparable from the mainstream enterprises. Any popular device has always become more practical in continuous improvement. As a professional shoe x-ray machine manufacturer in China, combined with the actual inspection requirements and status quo of shoes, the nails on the soles are not easy to be detected and the defects are in the single-probe shoes x-ray inspection machine. Based on the addition of an x-ray inspection system. The dual-shoe shoe x-ray machine can detect the shoe products from two angles of view and avoid blind spots. Whether it is a long riding boots or a single shoe, the entire shoe sole can be displayed.


Completely solve the problem of the dead angle of the footwear detection, the resolution of the high-definition reaches 1900*1200, the image analysis is clearer and more delicate, and the full-screen display shows that the shoe detection image is larger. The dual-probe shoe x-ray machine can achieve 2D imaging display effect, and the image edge passivation treatment can significantly enhance the stereoscopic effect. Independent research and development to create quality, with high-quality equipment to create the most powerful shoes x-ray machine in China.

Mozheng Xinrui Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of safety inspection and inspection systems, X-ray foreign object detection and imaging technology with radiation imaging technology as its core. It integrates R&D, production and sales, and is domestic and international. The main security equipment system supplier.

We put technology updates in an important strategic position, and continue to meet the needs of our customers. We look to the international and cooperate with world-class brands in Japan, Germany, South Korea and other industries to ensure that our customers are provided with world-class high standards. Precision, sharp and cost-effective security products.

Established the "China's X-ray testing equipment technical strength first" is the new cutting edge. There are two major products in the world: industrial-grade X-ray foreign object detection and public security inspection system. Foreign body detection is mainly used in shoes and hats factory, garment factory, toy factory, handbag factory, luggage factory, pharmaceutical factory and seasoning, candy, pasta, pickled frozen products