Purchase Order of a Food Factory in Qingyuan, Guangdong

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A food factory in Qingyuan, Guangdong Province purchased a positive metal detector. A food factory in Qingyuan, Guangdong Province recently wanted to purchase a metal detector. It searched the metal detector manufacturer on the Internet. After layer-by-layer comparison of product functions, manufacturer strength, after-sales guarantee, and affordable price, In the end, the choice of metal detector manufacturers - the moment is new.

In recent years, the food, candy, tobacco and other industries have taken a series of measures to improve product quality. However, even in highly automated, well-managed food companies, the possibility of metal contamination in the production process cannot be completely ruled out. Therefore, if the product is contaminated with metal, the company must use the food metal detector to remove the unqualified product from the production line.

A small piece of metal in candy or other foods can seriously harm consumers. Therefore, protecting the interests of consumers and establishing a good corporate image is the primary purpose of using food metal detectors. In addition, a small piece of metal on the production line will cause serious wear and tear on the production equipment of the enterprise, and the maintenance cost of the equipment is very expensive, which will greatly increase the production cost of the enterprise.


With the continuous improvement of the material and cultural living standards, the safety of food has attracted enough attention. The safety of products is mainly reflected in many factors affecting the quality of products and the health of people, such as drug residues, microorganisms, toxins, metals, heavy metals, preservatives, solid insolubles, etc. in the production process of food.

Therefore, the food metal detector needs to be strictly controlled for the whole process from the collection of raw materials to the circulation of products into the market, so as not to cause irreparable damage. In the production process, the damage caused by metal impurities is the most serious, and it is also an important factor affecting product quality. The wide application of food metal detectors not only helps food companies to effectively solve this problem, but also becomes an indispensable step in process control.

The food metal detector uses high-speed digital signal processing devices and intelligent algorithms to detect metals in frozen foods (such as dumplings, frozen fish), meat, rice, and preserved foods. High-speed digital signal processing devices and intelligent algorithms are used to improve detection accuracy and stability.

Metal detector typical application range

Food industry: testing popcorn, cornflakes, chips, nuts, fruit and noodle soup.

Metal detector application

Mainly used in: sauces, sausages, dumplings, ham, soup, candy, preserved food, salted food, fast food, food additives, starch, glucose, tobacco, fresh meat, dairy products, etc., suitable for strong Product-effect product testing and other industries with high detection sensitivity, anti-interference ability and waterproof requirements, used to detect broken needles, wire or lead, copper, aluminum, tin, etc., which are mixed or lost in food, raw materials or products. Various metals such as stainless steel.


Food/medicine detectors. The detection accuracy is high, the stability is good, and the anti-interference ability is strong. The width/height can be customized. Iron, non-ferrous all-metal mode detector, drug / food and clothing mode optional. Specifications can be customized, the whole piece is over-tested, the speed is fast, the precision is high, the anti-interference is 1 year warranty.

Metal detector use

1. Detect metal impurities in products such as food and medicine to ensure that the products are free of metal pollution and provide reliable quality assurance;

2. Detect metal impurities in textile, clothing, toys and other industrial products to ensure that the products are free of metal pollution and provide reliable quality assurance.

3. Detect metal impurities left on the product to protect life and improve work efficiency.

4. Test object: foreign materials such as iron, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, etc., which are mixed with raw materials, semi-finished products or finished products.

Friends who buy metal detectors please know!

1. This machine belongs to precision instruments. It is shipped in a fully enclosed wooden box. The weight of the machine is 250 kg. The wheels can be pushed freely in the workshop. The weight of the whole machine + wooden box is about 300 kg. It is necessary to prepare the forklift in advance.

2. The sensitivity of the machine is related to the pure height of the passing object. The higher the height, the lower the sensitivity, the lower the height, and the higher the sensitivity. The conventional height is 10 cm, the precision is 0.8 mm, the height is 12 cm, and the precision is 1.0 mm. ; height 15 cm, accuracy 1.2 mm; height 20 cm, accuracy 1.5 mm; height 25 cm, accuracy 2.5 mm; height 30 cm, accuracy 3.0 mm; remarks: accuracy of 0.8 / 1.0 means the use of diameter 0.8 / 1.0mm Iron beads.

3, the whole machine is shipped, after the customer receives the wooden box, it can be plugged in directly, no need to debug, the machine spare parts maintenance is free during the warranty period, first telephone guidance, accessories express delivery, intractable diseases can not be solved by the company Send someone to repair immediately.