Moment is the latest automatic weight sorting machine for the fruit and vegetable agricultural products industry. It is a weight sorting scale and a weight sorting scale. It is a comprehensive and efficient solution for online weighing and weighing detection, including fruits, vegetables and agricultural products. For automatic weighing and multi-stage sorting, each product is individually weighed and sorted to a specified category or weight class, effectively replacing manual sorting, and always maintaining product quality and market competitiveness.

Automatic sorter / weight classifier / weight sorter / weight sorter:

1) Classification of fruits and vegetables: fruits, vegetables, fruits and other fruits and vegetables are automatically weighed and sorted to the specified category or weight class.

Online weighing detection / automatic inspection machine:

1) Weight tolerance test: Check whether the packaged product has abnormal conditions such as overweight/underweight, and automatically reject the non-conforming product.

2) FCL missing detection: Check the abnormality of the number of products or the absence of accessories in the package such as bag/box/bag/box/bottle/can.

Checkweigher combination application:

Moment is providing an integrated device for online weight sorting machine and metal detection, automatic coding, automatic scanning and automatic sealing equipment.

Customer settings:

Moments are based on the actual detection of sorting requirements and production environment characteristics of enterprise users, providing professional automatic weighing and sorting equipment, weight sorting machines and specific solutions and equipment.