Moment is the domestic "weight sorting machine" also known as "belt type weight sorting machine". This series of weight sorting machines can place the products to be sorted on the transport track, and weigh them separately and sort them into the specified categories and grades. The weight grades can be customized according to the user's product characteristics, and have stronger product sorting adaptability. The sorting precision is up to ±0.2g, and the sorting speed is 180 times/min. The sorting grade can be increased according to the user's demand, and the manual sorting is effectively replaced to improve production efficiency and efficiency.

main application

Multi-stage weight sorting of deep processed products such as frozen fish / fish fillets / frozen foods / dry goods;

Multi-grade weight selection of poultry products such as whole chicken / chicken leg / chicken wings / chicken feet / eggs / red meat pieces;


A.automatic weighing classifier / automatic weight classifier / automatic sorting machine / automatic sorting machine:

1) Classification of poultry meat: Automatic weighing of broilers, chicken legs, chicken wings, frozen products, etc., is sorted to a specified category or weight class.

B.customer customization:

Moment is based on the actual detection of sorting needs and production environment characteristics of enterprise users, providing professional automatic weighing machine / weight classifier / automatic sorting machine / weight sorting machine, as well as customized solutions and equipment.