Moment positive automatic weight inspection machine provides comprehensive and efficient solutions for automatic weighing and product inspection, including parts, stamping parts, etc. for hardware, electronics, plastics and other industries.

Automatic weighing and multi-stage sorting of raw materials, industrial semi-finished products, etc., each product is individually weighed and sorted to a specified category or weight class.

Online weighing and weight detection:

1) Weight deviation detection: Detect whether there is a net content weight deviation of the packaged product, and automatically reject the non-conforming product.

2) Product Defect Detection: Detects the abnormality of the product's net content of single product weight detection or whether the attachment is missing.

Automatic weighing rating:

Automatic weighing of industrial parts, machined parts, semi-finished products, etc. is sorted to the specified category or weight class.

Weight detector combination application:

Moment is providing a combination of weight detection equipment and metal detection, automatic coding, automatic scanning, and automatic weighing and sorting equipment.

Customized customer requirements:

Moment is providing professional customized solutions and equipment according to the actual detection of sorting requirements and production environment characteristics of enterprise users.