We offer the following solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

1. net content weighing detection / full container missing parts detection / multi-level weight sorting solution

The unqualified test of the net content of the drug product/the unqualified test of the weight of the medical product;

Boxed/pouched/boxed/etc. packaged medicines and medical supplies missing parts detection;

Manual / desiccant / accessories and other packaging accessories missing detection;

Multi-level weight sorting of pharmaceutical raw materials/finished products, that is, sorting by weight;

2. pharmaceutical metal detection solutions

Moment positive metal detectors mainly help pharmaceutical manufacturers to detect whether the product contains iron wire or non-ferrous metals such as lead, copper, stainless steel and metal impurities.

3.drug weight detection & metal detection integrated solution

Moment Positive Gold Inspection and Re-checking Machine is an integrated solution, which mainly helps pharmaceutical manufacturers to detect unqualified net content, product leakage, products containing metal impurities and other non-conforming products, and automatically remove defective products to improve product qualification rate and quality. Ensure product integrity.

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