We are a multi-grade weight sorting solution for aquatic products.

Moment positive automatic weight sorting machine, also known as automatic sorting machine, weight sorting machine, weight classifier, etc., is specially designed for multi-stage weight sorting of non-staple food products such as aquatic products, frozen products, etc. Weighing and sorting to its own weight class or category, that is, sorting by weight, effectively replacing manual sorting, fast speed, high precision, large output, helping enterprises to improve product standardization and market competitiveness.


Main Application

Sea cucumber / abalone / yellow croaker / octopus / squid / squid and other fresh seafood, dry goods automatic weighing and sorting;

Multi-level weight check sorting of fresh fish and deep processed products such as fresh fish / frozen fish / fish fillets;

Hairy crab / prawn / oyster / crab / shrimp / shellfish automatic weighing and sorting;

A, Automatic Weight Classifier Series Equipment:

1) Seafood grading: Seafood automatic weighing machines such as sea cucumber, abalone, squid and shellfish will automatically classify the seafood on a scheduled basis and sort it into the designated category or grade device.

2) Aquatic grading: Aquatic products such as fish, shrimps, crabs, etc. are classified by our automatic weight grading machine series according to their requirements.

B. Online automatic weighing and detecting automatic weight sorting machine, sorting machine product series:

1) Automatic weight sorting machine, weight sorting machine: According to the weight of aquatic products, the aquatic products of different weights are sorted.

2) On-line automatic weighing and detection automatic weight sorting machine for aquatic product processing, in the process of aquatic product processing, according to the weight quantitative value, automatic weighing and weight detection, sorting and classification are carried out.

C. Automatic weight classifier: automatic sorting for different aquatic products, automatic line weighing automatic weighing machine for customer custom line;

D. Automatic sorting machine: Zhuhai Dahang processes and customizes various automatic weighing and checking automatic weight sorting machines according to the actual needs of users, and selects machine solutions and equipment.