JUZHENG Electronic and Technology (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. was established in 2006. We specialize in developing automatic identification technology and detection technology. Our product portfolio includes: X-ray security screening systems, X-ray impurity detectors, industrial metal detectors, needle detectors, walk through detectors, underground metal detectors, explosives detectors, checkweigher and more. These products are often found in public places, government departments, and large-scale security inspections. They are typically used for detecting various metallic impurities in industry such as shoes, garments, toys, handbags, and food packaging.


  As a professional manufacturer, our team of sales specialists have an average of more than 6 years of experience in product marketing and after sale services.

  Our team of skilled technicians average over a decade’s experience in the development and production of security equipment. With an in-depth understanding of the user experience, we design and created unique product features and impressive technical services to our worldwide customers. We strictly conform the international standard of ISO9000, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 and CE. Meantime, we carry out strictly quality control system and supervise all the production process from material purchasing, processing, installation, commissioning to delivering.

  Product Display

  Impurity detectors

  The main models of our detectors are on display in our exhibition hall.

  Installation and Commissioning Workshop

  Semi-finished product assembly area & Product warehouse

  Electrical Part Production Line

  All electronic circuit control systems are produced here.


  Commissioning of large security screening system

  The large security screening system is equipped with an entirely digital circuit. Digital processing technology completes image acquisition and image processing. It significantly decreases image loss and distortion. The digital circuit is designed and produced in-house by Juzheng engineers.


Product Display

Impurity detectors
The main models of our detectors are on display in our exhibition hall